Sunday, March 10, 2013

Action Plan

Today was spent preparing for the Action Plan presentation.

The morning began with a pleasant surprise -- LHS had been featured in a local newspaper!

The morning was spent working on projects. The team spent three hours coloring posters, putting together movies, writing and translating scripts, and putting together a Powerpoint that they would present later that afternoon.


Exhausted from their work everyone took a power nap before lunch.

A handful of students presented their work in front of a crowd of 300 people, 100+ of which were local Japanese people of the Myagi Prefecture. Senior Hannah Poe (myself) was in charge of the powerpoint, so she (I) presented the work. Senior Evan Shigaya and junior Austin Sonju translated the English transcript so the Japanese audience members could understand.  Additionally, students gave examples of some of their projects throughout the presentation.

The crowd warmly received the presentation and congratulated the team on their hard work.

View from conference room - 21st floor!


  1. Videography courtesy of senior Jesse van der Vorst

  2. Good work! Did everyone get a copy of the newspaper.

  3. yes! I hope all of you can get a copy! Nice video, Jesse. :)